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RingCentral Features

Making Calls With RingCentral

Click to Call

To make a call through RingCentral, go to theContacts tab放置在屏幕的左边。你会发现a RingCentral icon automatically embedded next to your customers’ contact details. Clicking on it will launch a call popup.

Click To Call
Call Popup

Call Popup

RingCentral'sCall Popupcomes with wide range of active call controls to facilitate additional functionalities without having to hang up. The notes feature, for instance, allows you to take all the pointers raised a customer, for adequate follow up after the call.

Call Log

When a call is complete, theCall Logpopup is displayed, where you can enter additional call details. Some of the details that would be particularly critical for subsequent customer follow up include; Subject, Description and Related To.

Call Log
Call History

Call History

To view the call history and related details, go to theTimeline or Notes tab. Each contact’s call details and notes are displayed chronologically.

Call Log from RingCentral

You can also view the call log from RingCentral at the far right corner of each contact’s page.

Call Log From Ringcentral
Ringout To Softphone

RingOut to Softphone

If you previously selected RingOut to Softphone during widget setup, the configured Softphone is connected to a customer’s phone number when you call from theirContact Viewpages.


To view comprehensive call reports, go to theReportsicon at the menu bar positioned on the left of your screen. You’ll be able to scroll through and sort out past call reports byUser, Average Call Duration, etc.

Call Activities

Call Activities

To view respective call activities, click on theUser Activitiesicon at the menu bar positioned on the left of your screen. You’ll be able to access comprehensive details of activities related to each phone call made from your account.

RingCentral Integration Setup

Step 1: Go To The Telephony Tab

Log into your Agile CRM dashboard and proceed to theTelephony tab. ChooseWidgetsto access the RingCentral Widget.

Telephony Tab
Login To RingCentral

Step 2: Login To RingCentral

Click "Login to RingCentral" to access your RingCentral account.

Step 3: Enter Login Details

On the RingCentral popup, enter your login credentials and clickSign in.

Enter Login Details
Authorize Access

Step 4: Authorize Access

For comprehensive integration, proceed to authorize RingCentral access to your Agile CRM information. You can now make and receive customer phone calls on Agile CRM using your RingCentral account.

Step 5: Saving

Save theWidget.


Step 6: Ringout To Softphone

Among the exciting features offered by RingCentral is Ringout to Softphone, which allows you to connect with your customers through the computer’s configured Softphone.

Step 7: Ringout To Custom Number

Alternatively, you could also Ringout to a custom number first, before connecting with your customers. To enable this option, chooseCustom Phoneas theOutput Number, and then enter specific details in theCustoms Numberfield.

Custom Number

Check theRingCentral Setup Guidefor more detailed instructions.

Note: Agile CRM doesn't support outbound calls from the browser window as the feature is not supported by RingCentral's API

About RingCentral

RingCentral is a business phone system provider which offers local and toll free numbers to subscribers. Choose from available 800 numbers or get your own area code for your business phone number.

RingCentral Integration

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