Ticket Labels

Create and use labels to sort your tickets into categories for improved organization and searchability.
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Incoming customer support tickets can pile up quickly. If response times are too long, customers become unhappy and that can impact your brand reputation in the marketplace. Agile CRM’s ticket labels allow you to categorize tickets based on commonalities relevant to your business. Automate workflows based on those labels to streamline your customer support.

Collect Feedback

Sort & Segment Tickets

Ticket labels allow you to create a categorization convention using labels that make sense for your business model. Define labels that align with common issues or customer type for streamlined sorting and segmenting of incomingsupport tickets.

Canned Responses

If there are common issues that your customers encounter, it can be time consuming to respond to each incoming ticket around that issue. Instead, createcanned responsesto common issues and configure the system to automatically send those out when a customer raises that issue.



Automate Workflows

Create workflows that automate specified actions in response to incoming tickets based on the labels you assign them. For example, put in place a workflow that routes all incoming tickets around a particular product offering to the support reps that handles that product.

Find Open Tickets

Having ticket labels in place allows you to easily search for and locate open tickets. Want to view tickets related to a recent product release? Simply have labels in place to identify them and locate them in a matter of seconds.


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